Admission Assistance

  • Start date: University Dates
  • Duration: Depending Upon Programs
  • Level: All
  • Location: All Countries

Selecting the right study destination

To study abroad is a sought after trend in India. With a specific end goal to get an admission abroad, students search through numerous consultants and advisors. But a pitiable condition prevails, where the students are not able to find about the admission procedures and remain unfamiliar with the many other processes about admissions. Adding to it is the absence of information pertaining to the later phases of study.

We at DRONAA INTERNATIONAL EDUCON EDUCATION Consultants, based in NCR − Delhi, are apt at providing relevant information in terms of programs / scholarship / courses / colleges / universities. Our team of overseas education consultants guides the students on various aspects of admission procedures. From filling the application form to getting a visa to settling down in the destination country, our consultants are constantly supervising and guiding the students. Since our consultants are in constant touch with various consulates, they are updated in visa documentation and rules; we have a 99% success rate. Moreover, visa consultation to DRONAA students is absolutely free.

Our admission assistance is far and wide. We assist students in admissions as far as Canada on the western side, to UK, Europe and to Australia, New Zealand on the eastern side.

We assist students in:
⇒ Free Guidance For Deciding The Right Institute.
⇒ Preparing Statement-of-Purpose.
⇒ Writing Recommendation Letters.
⇒ Submitting Online Application Form.
⇒ Filling the Application Form.
⇒ Applying for Educational Loan.
⇒ Documentation and Understanding the Entire Visa Purposes.
⇒ Pre-departure Briefing so that they do not face any Difficulty in Foreign Country.
⇒ Accommodation and Part time jobs.