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Study in Bahrain Bahrain has been ranked amongst the world’s top 15 most economically free nations. The hospitality sector in the Kingdom has been developing at a fast pace to meet the growing needs of the tourism industry. Bahrain’s Hospitality & Tourism industry is poised to grow 7.6 per cent this year thus contributing to increased human resource development and training in the hospitality, travel and tourism sector. Bearing this in mind, BIHR has entered into a partnership with HTMi, Sorenberg, Switzerland in providing an International Hotel and Tourism Management program. The program is designed to equip students with necessary skills to compete in the areas of service industry operations. The HTMi programme offered at the Bahrain campus has a wonderful blend of the prestigious Swiss certification as well as BIHR’s ethos in imparting skills and qualities essential in the international hospitality industry. We work closely with international hotel and leisure chains to ensure the balance of classroom tuition, training, personal development, leadership skills, language skills and much more. At BIHR, students get the chance of experiencing hospitality learning from a world class learning institute thus providing students with a strong foundation to start an exciting international career. The HTMi program develops the students into innovative leaders ready to meet the standards of managerial competence in hospitality management.

Our Campus The BIHR campus is in a pleasant western suburb of the capital city, Manama, and has all the facilities one would expect of an international hotel school, including Training Kitchens and Restaurants, a Front Office and Housekeeping laboratory, a Learning Resource centre and state-of-the-art Information Technology laboratory including campuswide wireless facilities. Furthermore, BIHR provides student visas. BIHR is a non-residential college but assists students in finding suitable good quality accommodation in villas and apartments at competitive rates. The quality of accommodation in Bahrain is generally high. We will advise you on typical monthly living costs in Bahrain. The state of the art facilities comprises of educational rooms as well as recreational facilities like basketball / badminton court and entertainment space. A unique IT related feature at the institute is the implementation of a virtual library throughout the campus. Students will be able to enjoy online library facility through focused collection of data which includes text, visual and video material. This enhanced version of the conventional library will maximize efficiency and depth of learning.

Admission Criteria

• Applicants should be above 17 years of age.
• Applicants must possess High School certificates at the time of admission.
• Should be sincerely committed to a career in international hotel and tourism.

Course Structure: Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management

• Academic Study (Semester 1 & Semester 2 - Total 12 months )
• Work Placement Internship (12 Months)

Course : Diploma in Hospitality

Awarding Body: AHLEI USA
Duration : 2 Years ( 9 months Academics + 15 months Internship/ Direct placements )
Minimum Qualification : HSC or more , proficiency in English.
Part time Jobs : Available based on candidates ability ( $250 MONTHLY onwards)
Full time jobs or placement : Once completing 9 months academics candidate is ready for direct placement or paid internship ($350 monthly onwards with accommodation and meals).

Course : 3 Month Certificate in hospitality operation + 9 month paid internships

Awarding Body : BIHR Bahrain
Duration : 12 Months
Minimum Qualification : Hospitality Background , proficiency in English.
Full time jobs or placement : Once completing 3 months full time job will be provided with minimum salary of $300(upto $600) monthly with accommodation and meals.


Program : Intensive Certificate In Hospitality
Duration : 360 Hrs / 3 Months
Major Subjects: Food And Beverage Service
Front Office
Commercial Cooking