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Dronaa Best FRENCH LANGUAGE Classes In Delhi-NCR

About the Course

Language of Instruction: French, English
Course Description:
It aims to develop an understanding and appreciation of the French language and culture, including in Francophone countries. The course will cover basic grammar, vocabulary and conversation part. The course will focus on all 4 pillars of the language i.e. speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
Learning outcomes:
Students will be able to express themselves in everyday situations such as greeting people, introducing themselves and others, and talking about their likes and dislikes. It will enhance your French speaking, listening and reading skills

Course Content (Beginner – 2 hours x 16 classes = 32 hours)
• The Phonetics – the alphabet and personal/basic greetings.
• Introductions and Introducing someone else – how to ask/say name, surname, where one lives, what one studies and does for living and Family.
• Numbers (1-10,000), Reading out a telephone or any number.
• Nationalities and countries.
• Writing postcards and Informal letters in French; addresses and city/country of residence
• Body parts and Physical descriptions
• Months of the year, days of the week, Seasons of the year.
• How to say the time and ask for the time. Direction and Weather expressions.
• Articles (Definite, indefinite, contractés and partitifs)
• Singular & plural and masculine & feminine
• Prepositions
• Adjective (Demonstrative and Possessive)
• Adverbs
• Pronouns (Subject, Direct, Indirect, Tonic, Adverbial and Interrogative)
• Negation
• Interrogative sentences
• Tenses (Present, Passé Compose, Imperative, Future, Immediate future & recent past)
• Verbs (Regular, Irregular, Reflexive, Infinitive and Expressions with verbs i.e Avoir, Faire, etc.)

Important Conversations
• At the Hotel
• At the Airport
• At the Restaurant
• Medical
• Meeting People
• Buying from a supermarket or a shop
• Downtown
Cost: _____________ for beginner French (32 hours).
• (Fees can be paid in 2 parts but within a month only).
• This fees includes Course Material, Tuition, Assessment and certification by the institute.