It has been our experience that one minor slip in the process of visa submission, can lead to long deferment or even rejection of one’s visa. This could lead to one’s despair, frustration and maybe decimate one’s immigration dream. It is important to understand the value of time invested in efforts of an individual and investment of funds in getting a visa. It also crucial on one’s part to present one’s case to the concerned immigration authorities without any possible errors and gets one’s case through without any hassle.

We are DRONAA INTERNATIONAL EDUCON EDUCATION Consultants, based in NCR – Delhi. Our calling is to provide our clients an immigration experience which is void of any discomfort. In the immigration process, there is a constant requirement of correct guidance. It could be in terms of prior evaluation, gaining maximum points, sponsorships, green card, work visas, documentation, and/or pocketing permit stamps, etc.

We are a well trusted and eminent immigration and visa consultants. We work in tandem with groups who are licensed to undertake immigration and visa vocation. Our intention is to help aspirants seeking immigration and visa services and steer them through the ever difficult visa submission routine. We serve our clients in terms of:
• Presenting visa petitions;
• Immigration application for Permanent Resident (PR);
• Visa petitions for Business visits permits;
• Tourist visa permits;
• Temporary Resident Visas via
    ° Skilled,
    ° Self-Employed,
    ° Family, Business,
    ° Investor,
    ° Student,
    ° State Sponsorship classes

Our services are provided for various Immigration destinations like:
• Canada
• Australia
• UK
• New Zealand
• Etc

In our assemblage, we have teams of experts, who are immigration visa experts, registered visa representatives, attorneys and registered immigration advisors. In conjunction with our experts, we have resettled many people abroad. As of now we have a large list of satisfied clientele. This is so because we follow a high-yielding and a hands-on approach for visa and immigration. Our experts are vigilant and keep themselves updated on Occupational classifications (NOC, ASCO, etc.), Occupation lists (Essential list, Occupation list, positive list, SOL, MODL, CSL etc), permit areas and sponsorship.

There are times when one’s immigration and visa application are rejected. People then are advised not to resubmit their applications as it may not be a good idea or it may not be viable. This is the step, where our expertise plays a vital role in resubmitting immigration and visa application for the same country. One could also be counseled for another viable option, which could suit one’s backgrounds, qualifications and case.

Any further information that one may need, we will request you to kindly get in touch with us. We will only be happy to provide assistance.