Bicol Christian Collage of Medicine in Philippines

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Bicol Christian College of Medicine ā€“ Philippines
Philippines have the advantage of being a multicultural society. It has deep roots of being Asians. Since Philippines was a Spanish colony, it Spanish culture embedded into its society. Later on America took over it, hence American culture has flourished. Advantage of Philippines is that it is an English speaking nation. One will not find disadvantaged unlike other nations where English is not spoken.
Philippines has a tropical weather, which makes it suitable for Indians to live comfortably. Moreover, cost of living in this beautiful nation is low. These are the factors which attracts a lot of international students. Currently there are 5000 international students who are taking advantage of these benefits.
Lot of people these days are asking me that which university do I recommend in Philippines to student who wish to pursue medical, well, its none other than Davao Medical School Foundation. This medical school I have personally visited few months back and therefore Iā€™m recommending it to students. There are few facts that I would like to share: The Davao Medical School Foundation (also known as DMSF) was recognized in 1976. It was then established due to lack of doctors and specialist in urban & rural area. In fact, this was the first medical college in Mindanao. It is dedicatedly providing outstanding medical training and education since then. We all are familiar of the fact that Davao is one of the most important cities in Philippines actually it is the largest city with international airport & seaport. It is situated among the busiest cargo hubs in the southern Philippines. It is widely known for its widespread multicultural character & direct global accessibility as well. What better do you need? When you are getting opportunity to study in such institution.

Why study in Philippines:
All the Universities of Philippines follow US pattern of study .
Studying in Philippines can become a strong entry point to the US.
Universities in Philippines have got international accreditations.
All the medical Universities of Philippines are accredited by MCI, CHED and     WHO.
Highly equipped medical colleges.
English is the official language. Teaching is in English. English is widely spoken     in Philippines.
Philippines culture has a rich blend of both Eastern and Western influences.
Life in the Philippines is significantly cheaper than in Europe or US which is a     huge aspect in deciding where to go for higher learning.
Protection, guaranteed!- Colleges and universities that has foreign students has     more stricter protection for their foreign nationals students. 24 hour securities     with CCTV cameras are installed around the campuses.

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Why study in Bicol Christian College of Medicine (AMEC ā€“ BCCM):

Accreditation from WHO. MCI approved university.
Modern equipment and high standards. US education system.
Accreditation from WHO.
Degree acknowledged in US, European and Asian countries. No need for IELTS.
It was established in 1980. The college has 37 years of teaching experience.
No medical entrance exam
Teaching in English medium.
Low tuition and living expenses.
Climatic condition is same as of India making easier for Indian students to adjust
The Filipinos are affable and cordial. That is the thing that Filipinos are cherished for. Literacy     rate of the country is almost 93%.

Key Features :
Advanced Education System
Highly standard University
Studies in English language
Minimum requirement for study visa and guaranteed visa approval
Easy to get visa to other European countries from Antigua
Low tuition and living expanses compared to other European countries
Hospitable environment and interesting life for every kind person

Tuition Fees and Charges:
$ 25000 for full course
Requirements for the programme:
12th from any board.
Science stream with Biology.

Advantageous with Dronaa:
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Visa Assistance
Loan Assistance
Health Insurance
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